Lighting design

Quality lighting design creates esthetically pleasing and functional lighting solutions, while taking into consideration the unique features of the space and each client's specific style preferences, needs and budget. Good lighting design also considers the quality of lighting fixtures and its effects on their lifespan and maintenance requirements.

High quality lighting is durable, requiring very little maintenance and therefore as time passes it is an effortless, ecologically wise and economically cost-effective choice.

Design timing and contents

The lighting design process should begin early on during construction planning, because high quality lighting design affects the electrical plans and thus the lighting plan needs to be ready before electrical wires and interior ceilings are installed.

Lighting plans and product offers are based on consultations with the client. The lighting plan contains a floor plan with lighting positions, a lighting schedule together with detailed specifications of products and their necessary technical gear, as well as technical information regarding the lighting products.

Commencing lighting design

The lighting design process begins with a meeting together with our lighting designer. Contact us and make an appointment with our lighting designer.


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