LED lights and LED lighting

Led lighting benefits

Led lights have increased their popularity in home lighting at a swift pace along with advances in led technology. This is understandable as led lights provide many advantages compared to traditional lighting.

Led lighting benefits include:

  • leds have a low energy consumption
  • leds have a much longer lifespan
  • leds produce very little heat
  • recessed led spotlights generally require less mounting depth

Led lighting challenges

Led technology has now reached the point that leds are suitable for use in home lighting. However, led lighting still continues to have some challenges and therefore it is best to consult with a lighting professional when selecting led lighting.

Led lighting challenges include:

  • some leds have lower color reproduction ability
  • high quality led lights' and bulbs' higher prices
  • lack of standardization for leds means there is a very wide range of quality between led products

Led lights

We offer a wide selection of different led lighting solutions for homes and public spaces. Our led products include led stripes, led spotlights, recessed led spotlights, led ceiling lights, led wall lights, outdoor led lights and retrofit led bulbs. Almost all of our led lights are available with dimming.

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More led lighting options and further information regarding led lighting and its newest developments is available at our store.

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